We go a few steps further, thanks to years of experience and a practical eye, know how to solve problems before they arise. In this way ideas and dreams now become reality. We list a description of separate services we offer that relate to all marine engineering jobs.

No plan overboard

Everyone works in their own way and construction projects also involve a lot of logistical flows. From many years of experience and dedication we have developed methods that lead to profit for both customer and producer. From a smoother construction time to cost savings. Consultancy by tackling obstacles early and coordinating all parties. Because of this, no plan goes overboard with us.

Who doesn’t want to hear …

We’re listening. Our theoretical and practical experience at shipbuilding architects and shipyards has revealed that there is no such thing as “knowing it better”. The difference lies in listening, to wishes and requirements, but also to the input of each party. This way we add exactly what is needed and projects are completed faster and better.
Do you want to discover how your next project can be even better, or how we can help you save hours guaranteed? Let us help you.

Choose Raev & Rottiné – Marine Engineering for:

Efficiency Jobs like:

  • Examining the entire construction process together and looking for points where improvement is still possible.
  • Introducing and also supervising innovative building strategies.

Modeling Jobs like:

  • Creating 3D models from scratch usable for production and visualisation
  • Assessing the 3D information or models received. Is it immediately usable for production or not?
  • Re-fairing received models immediately usable for production and visualisation

Basic Naval Architecture Jobs like:

  • Hydrostatic calculations
  • Intact stability
  • Tank tables
  • Max VCG
  • Freeboard calculations

Construction Jobs like:

  • General construction plans
  • Construction details
  • Scantling calculations
  • Check with class requirements like CE, LLoyds Register, Germanischer LLoyd, ABS, BV
  • Welding schedules

Outfitting Jobs like:

  • Anchor arrangement plans
  • Mooring arrangement plans
  • Crane arrangement plans
  • Man overboard boat arrangement plans
  • Propulsion and driveline arrangement plans
  • Rudder and steering arrangement plans
  • Bow and stern thruster arrangement plans
  • Stern doors and hull door arrangement plans

Engineering jobs like:

  • 3D modelling/fairing of surfaces
  • Fairing of linesplans
  • Shell expansion diagrams/drawings
  • Expanded plates including strain information and bending/forming templates
  • Creating structural parts
  • 3D structural views
  • Profile information like nestings, cutting lengths, end details, bending information
  • Database including pos. numbers, weights and center of gravity
  • Plans of efficient build strategy
  • Supply of 2D / 3D drawings for engineering

FEA (Finite element analyses) jobs like:

  • Local strength analysis of ships and offshore structures
  • Global strength analysis of ships and offshore structures
  • Buckling analysis
  • Simplified Fatigue analysis
  • Lifting analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Nonlinear strength analysis
  • Contact analysis
  • Progressive collapse analysis
  • Frequency response

Reverse engineering jobs like:

  • Fairing of 3D nurbs models
  • Supply of 2D / 3D drawings for engineering
  • Refit engineering

Department support jobs:

  • Taking care of the necessary reinforcement / support in your engineering /drawing processes


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