A foundation to build with

A successful initial design proceeds with engineering. In the basic engineering phase the exchange of information is crucial. Our tools for the exchange of information improve the efficiency, help our engineers and are accessible for our clients allowing them to follow the project in detail. During 3D engineering the model will be made available for the client as well. Besides the regular design work and engineering, our experts are able to provide solutions onsite, on the shipyard or in the office.


We’re not only generating building-packages, but we also fully coordinate the services with Marine Engineering. Because every project differs and every person works differently, but everyone wants certainty. We deliver this by discussing the expectations and creating a solid foundation together for a carefree relationship. We fully work out the projects in 3D using, among others, Rhino3D and ShipConstructor.

We like to think together with you, to make your project successful.


ShipConstructor is an AutoCAD based software product line created for design, engineering and construction in the shipbuilding industry. ShipConstructor’s AutoCAD foundation provides a user environment that is a globally recognized CAD/CAM standard. This results in an existing labor pool of expertise, a common DWG format for sharing information with other applications, and a portfolio of complementary Autodesk products.

Large engineering projects, … no problem

We also do not shy away from larger projects. We guarantee quality and an acceptable lead times for the work.  We have completed many projects up to  140m. We have delivered them to client’s satisfaction. Below a list with finished Projects:

  • Recreational Boats
  • High-end, High-performance Motor Yachts
  • Luxury Motor Yachts
  • Luxury Sailing Yachts
  • Modualar Pontoons
  • Pontoons
  • Split-Barges
  • Fast Crew Passenger Catamarans
  • Windfarm Service Vessels
  • Rig Supply Vessels
  • Tug Boats
  • Anchor Handling Tugs
  • General Cargo Ships
  • Product Carriers
  • Ferry’s
  • RoRo Ferry’s
  • Navy Ship Repair/Refits
  • Passenger Cruise Ship (Sunborn Gibraltar 140m)
  • Bunkerships
  • Multipurpose Ships
  • Container Ships
  • Tankers
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Jack-up Rigs
  • Jackets
  • Semi-Submercibles


Due to our extensive experience, often the next day already, we can send a suitable quotation and schedule.

Other constructions and artworks

You can also contact us for the construction of structures such as steel bridges or complex shaped artworks and buildings. You can find more info about this in Blog&News.


We are going for quality and efficiency. We are perfectionists, but because of our extensive experience and insight, both theoretical and practical, we know how far we have to go for the intended result. We always find this balance by listening carefully during conversations and also asking the right questions. This is why we are calling ourselfs  healthy perfectionists.

Raev & Rottiné – Marine Engineering is a company that distinguishes itself with great enthusiasm for the highest possible quality and efficiency in carrying out all activities. Our starting point is to provide the best and clearest possible construction kit to our clients, whereby we also take site-specific construction methods and details into account.

Come on board at Raev & Rottiné

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