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Considerable time savings, smoother construction time and building flows that are perfectly coordinated with each other. Give us the opportunity to show you and we turn problems into solutions together. leanshipbuilding

Raev & Rottiné LEAN Shipbuilding

By our “R&R LEAN shipbuilding method” we mean; Implementation of our own developed in-house efficient CASCO Engineering/Production process methodology, able to increase efficiency of the complete CASCO and/or systems process, with up to 30% reduction of production hours. Allready proved in several successful projects last 10 years.

The basic Basic concept

Emphasizing the idea and practical implementation of one fully integrated CASCO engineering / production process. The usual case is that the engineering and production sites are considered as two separate parts (departments) that use often unrelated tools. In the new concept (R&R LEAN ShipBuilding methodology), integration is assured from the first moment until the moment of delivery of the CASCO.


We do this by separately assessing the engineering and production processes for the hull and superstructure construction in advance to evaluate the relationships and dependencies between them.

Our engineering department constantly has supervision to obtain and provide information to related parties in the most efficient way. A schedule will be made based on the current overall schedule of the project. It will contain the Piping-, air-handling and electrical-systems if desired.


There will be evaluation of the CASCO production process at the (CASCO) shipyard with regards to logistical bottlenecks and smooth progress, with the engineering information provided.

Meanwhile there will be Involvement of the production department in the final phases of the engineering process as well as practical discussions and guidance of the Production department for existing problems (giving and teaching specific solutions) and explanation/guidance of the possible misunderstanding in different moments of the process.


Together with the previously mentioned items, provision of full Engineering support to CASCO production, not only in the Engineering stage, but also during the building (CASCO) time is included.

We even offer creation of a simple standard (internal rules), helping the Casco department to optimally use the new type of offered documentation. It saves a lot of questions to engineering and automatically increases efficiency.


All above mentioned item are combined in our “R&R LEAN Engineering/Production process methodology”. This means we start earlier, allready in the designphase and finish when the build CASCO is finished. Guaranteed, this extra time investment in this engineering phase is payed by each project because of the reduction of production hours. If you want to make use of this profit, don’t hesitate to contact us to start with your current job. Let’s work more efficient together.

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