“Hull untreated”

This 18 meter long motor yacht is the ultimate platform for exploring the inland waterways. At the same time, she embodies all the qualities that are expected of a seagoing vessel from the CE-A category. Because the hull above the waterline will remain untreated, I have thought carefully about where certain structural support is needed, in consultation with the requirements of the regulations. The yard will also have to think carefully about the welding work and the construction method in such a case in order to see as little as possible marking of the construction on the skin. The result is a super-tight ship that will be launched in 2019.


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After years of close collaboration between Rottiné Marine Engineering (formerly Waterline-Design) and Stalker Marine, we have decided to join forces. During this period we have experienced growth, not only in the number of assignments, but also in focus. It was time for a new step in our collaboration. In recent months, we have worked hard to prepare and shape our new company. This website is updated in which our expertise and working methods will come to the surface better. This renewal can also be found in the company name. From now on the names Rottiné Marine Engineering and Stalker Marine will sink to the bottom and make way for:

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With this change we will be able to serve you even better. Of course, nothing changes in our method!

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